Promotional Toolkit

Everything you need to get the word out about K12PaymentCenter!

Parent Email Template

Use these templates to let parents, faculty, and staff know about K12PaymentCenter. 

K12PaymentCenter Parent Email Template

Meals and Fees Version

Meals Version

Fees Version

electronic check enhancement


eChecks Email Template

Let parents, faculty, and staff know about the all-new eChecks payment option.

eChecks Email Template

Download Template


Instructions to Add a Website Link To Your Phone

Let parents, faculty, and staff know how they can add the K12PaymentCenter website to their smartphone home screen!

Download Instructions


Website Buttons

Display buttons on district or school websites to provide an easy-to-find shortcut for parents and other users to access K12PaymentCenter.com. Download the button graphic and copy and paste the accompanying HTML codes. 

Rectangle Meals and Fees Button (English) - HTML Code:

<img src="http://go.pardot.com/l/817393/2021-06-14/vqvnz/817393/1623697724viNVnF2t/Image3.jpg" alt="MealsAndFeesButtonEnglish" width="300" height="115">

Rectangle Meals and Fees Button (Spanish) - HTML Code:

<img src="http://go.pardot.com/l/817393/2021-06-14/vqvpg/817393/1623697869OO61MEnL/Image4.jpg" alt="MealsAndFeesButtonSpanish" width="300" height="115">

Rectangle Meals Only Button (English) - HTML Code:

<img src="http://go.pardot.com/l/817393/2021-06-14/vqvpj/817393/1623697895c3ILFFhi/Image5.jpg" alt="MealsOnlyButtonEnglish" width="300" height="115">

Rectangle Meals Only Button (Spanish)  - HTML Code:

<img src="http://go.pardot.com/l/817393/2021-06-14/vqvpl/817393/1623697940ts3cqsTG/Image6.jpg" alt="MealsOnlyButtonSpanish" width="300" height="115">

Round Meals Button (English) - HTML Code:

<img src="http://go.pardot.com/l/817393/2021-06-14/vqvpq/817393/1623698017UgZZohcT/Image7.jpg" alt="MealsOnlyRoundButtonEnglish" width="200" height="200">

Round Meals Button (Spanish) - HTML Code:

<img src="http://go.pardot.com/l/817393/2021-06-14/vqvs4/817393/1623698053VuBycuW9/Image8.jpg" alt="MealsOnlyRoundButtonSpanish" width="200" height="200">



Use these K12PaymentCenter logos on your printed menus, letters, emails, flyers, and more!

K12PaymentCenter Full Color logo

Download PNG


Download PNG



Social Media Graphics

Share K12PaymentCenter with your followers! Download these graphics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and take a look at our sample posts for inspiration. Be sure to tag K12PaymentCenter on Facebook!

K12PaymentCenter Social Media Posts

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Spread the word in print! Download and print this flyer to send home to parents, hand out at open houses and back-to-school events, and more!

Quick and easy payment system for parents




Press Release

Customize this press release to your school or district to spread awareness about K12PaymentCenter in your community.

Press release template



Informational Resources

Review the on-boarding process, promotional checklist, and frequently asked questions about K12PaymentCenter. 


Promotional Checklist



Frequently Asked Questions